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Why Aren’t I Seeing More Leads From My Website?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read October 4, 2022

Video – Why Aren’t I Seeing More Leads From My Website?

In this week’s micro-pod, we’re tackling an interesting question that we get a lot “why aren’t I seeing more leads from my website?”. It’s easy to assume that by getting a new website that has some great pictures, excellent calls to action and looks slick, you’ll start to see floods of enquiries coming in. Unfortunately, a new website in isolation rarely results in the success that many businesses hope for. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, or are currently thinking about getting your website re-done to improve business, this week’s video is for you.

This video is part of our micro-pod series where every week, for 10 weeks, we answer a different question that business owners commonly ask us. If you’ve missed any of the micro-pods that we’ve released so far, you can find them here.

If you have a specific question that you’d like to see answered, feel free to reach out to Ryan via email and he’ll be happy to make sure that your question gets covered in a future video.

Video Transcript

“A common misconception is that websites by themselves result in more business, more leads. And that can certainly be the case if you’re already having the traffic come to your website; you’ve already got a consistent source of visits, but for a lot of businesses that’s not the case.

When we build a website, we consider the purpose and the marketing behind it before we built the website to ensure that it’s going to give a customer a good journey, give the optimal result and the optimal opportunity to convert that visitor into a sale or a lead. And actually, how are we going to get the visitors to the website; that could be with an SEO campaign that’s going to help you to rank higher in Google and get found when people are searching, it could be a Google Ads campaign or a social campaign.

So the likelihood is, if you have had a new website and you’re not seeing better results from it, the likelihood is that you’ve not got a real marketing strategy that is at least working for you to drive more business and more sales.” 

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