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Privacy & Cookies Policy

Success Local Limited’s (also referred to as our, we, us) privacy policy (Policy) describes how we collect, use and disclose personal information. Our Policy is suitable for the Success Local website only and applies to all visitors. However, we do not offer, or ever intend on offering, our services to those under the age of eighteen. We do not knowingly collect or process data of anyone under of the age of eighteen too.

By accepting and continuing to access our site, you are consenting to the collection of your data. If this data is classified as personal data (data that can be used to identify you as an individual) we will seek consent to collect and process it. By accepting our privacy policy you are agreeing to the terms outlined below (please click a topic to find out more).

1. Information We Collect

We collect and use personal information submitted through our contact form for a range of purpose that are outlined in this Policy.

2. How Your Collected Information Is Used

We use data to respond to requests that are made by you and hold on to that data for the minimum length required to fulfil our business’s purpose and operations, inline with GDPR requirements.

3. How Your Information Is Shared

We share data, when required, with other marketing agencies and third parties in the perceived best interests of an individual and to fulfil any requests made by an individual.

4. Access & Updates To Your Information

We will provide you with all details around how your data is stored and processed upon request. You can access, update, oppose, delete, block, limit and object to the processing of your data at any point. All requests will be completed within 30 days, free of charge.

5. International Transfers

We do not transfer your data outside of the E.U. unless a specific request is made asking us to do so.

6. Your Choices, Rights & Withdrawing Consent

You can opt out of receiving future marketing communications from us through our opt out page or by emailing us at [email protected].

7. Security Of Your Information

We keep all digital and physical data as secure as possible in order to protect your data.

8. Links To Other Sites

Our website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled by Success Local. We are not responsible for the way they store and process personal data unless passed to them by Success Local.

9. Cookies & Tracking

To improve user experiences we use cookies on our site. None of the cookies we use allow us to see or establish the personal data of an individual.

10. Changes To The Policy

If our Policy is updated or amended, after you have agreed to it, you will be notified and given the option to accept these changes.

11. Contact Us

To find out more about this Policy, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Information We Collect

We collect personal information that is provided by you through the use of our contact form. The types of personal data collected can include name, address, email address, telephone number and any further personal information you choose to provide us with. We do not collect or store the data of anyone under the age of eighteen and we do not offer any of our services to those under the age of eighteen. Any data provided to us will only be collected if we have a contractual, legal or legitimate purpose to store the data.

We also track and store user behaviour through Google Analytics and Hotjar (when deployed). We do not use either of these tools to identify an individual. From time to time collect data from surveys, which will require users to positively submit their data.

  1. How Your Collected Information Is Used

Your collected data will be used to contact you in regards to any request you have made. User behaviour will be used to monitor the performance of the site and to make relevant changes where necessary.

Your personal data will be used to provide you with the latest Success Local news, updates and industry updates. We will also use the data to provide you with recommendations of products and services that may be good for you. This type of marketing will only be conducted after gaining a positive opt in from an individual.

Your personal data may, upon being agreed in writing or verbally, be used to complete transactions that form any part of a contractual agreement. We will also use these details to seek consent from you for marketing and business purposes. Business purposes accounts for any activity conducted by Success Local, on behalf of the customer, after a contract or sale has been agreed.

  1. How Your Information Is Shared

Where appropriate, we may share your personal detail with other marketing agencies (service providers). We will only do this in the best interests of the individual and if there is a requirement to fulfil a request or service. Any information shared with our service providers is controlled by Success Local.

Your data will be shared with employees of Success Local across the management, digital marketing, sales and website development departments.

Under no circumstances to do we loan or sell your data to any third parties and our service providers will not market to any individual whose data they have received.

  1. Access & Updates To Your Information

Any individual can make a request to access or update any and all data help by Success Local. If this data has been shared with third parties then we will also ask them to make the relevant updates. All requests will be completed, free of charge, within 30 days.

If we have a contractual or legal reason to withhold your data or to keep the data as it is, then we shall report this to an individual. All requests will be recorded and will be included in any amalgamation of personal data.

  1. International Transfers

We do not transfer or obtain personal data outside of the United Kingdom (U.K.). If requested to do so, we will correlate and send the data to the individual who made the request.

  1. Your Choices, Rights & Withdrawing Consent

You have the right to opt out or to stop the processing of your data at any time. To do this you will need to use our opt out page or you can email [email protected]. You have the option to opt in or out of receiving communications by telephone, post, SMS or email. We will not use any other method of communication to contact you.

You can withdraw your consent to market to you at any time and this will be applied to our business operations with immediate effect. If you wish to delete, modify or withdraw consent of the processing of your data, we will oblige as long as we have no contractual or legal obligation that counteracts the request.

  1. Security Of Your Information

All personal data is kept securely, whether that is as a physical or digital copy. If data is to be deleted we ensure that it is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Success Local have conducted a full assessment of the tools, programs and storage locations that are used by the business to ensure all personal data is secure.

All employees have agreed to a strict code of conduct regarding the usage, storage and movement of personal data that they have access too.

If you believe that the security of your personal data is at risk, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

  1. Links To Other Sites

Any links to other sites from the Success Local domain are there to benefit users. Under no circumstance do we accept any liability for what is displayed or found on these sites and users risk visiting them on their own accord.

  1. Cookies & Tracking

A cookie is a small data file that is automatically placed onto your computer's hard drive. Cookie files are created by our website and placed onto your device in order to analyse and influence your preferences or behavior. Analytical cookies are designed to track your journey and experience on our website - so that we may tailor your experience and gather data. Overall, cookies help us provide you with a better website, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. The majority of modern web browsers will automatically allow cookies to be placed onto your device. However you can usually modify your browser's settings in order to prevent any cookies from being placed onto your device. Setting your browser to block cookies may prevent you from taking full advantage of our website.

Cookies Deployed By Our Website:

Cookies Are Not Deployed To:

Your Consent For Cookie Deployment By Our Website

Upon your first visit to our website you will clearly see a banner alerting you to the use of cookies on our website. In compliance with the ePR, our website operates on an 'Implied Consent' basis. This means that we have assumed that you have 'opted-in' for our website to deploy cookies until you choose to deactivate them within your browser settings or via the instructions below. We believe this to be sufficient as we do not use cookies to collect sensitive or personal information. Below you can learn more about the specific cookies deployed by our website, and how they can be disabled. For more information on the EU Cookie Law in the UK, we recommend visiting the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website where you can find the latest information, guidelines and advice on the EU Cookie Law.

Cookies Used By Our Website

We encourage users to share our content and/or like our on profile on the popular Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Cookies and privacy implications from the social networks vary and will be dependent on your nominated privacy settings with each Social Network. Social Sharing buttons will only deploy cookies if you are signed to that respective Social Network at the time of being on our website.

Our website has Google Analytics installed which allows us to track and compile anonymous visitor statistics. The information collected ranges from simple traffic volume to the type of browser you are viewing our website with. This information is valuable to us not just for marketing analysis and quantification, but to improve the usability, security and load speed of our website content. Google Analytics is a popular, secure, flagship webmaster product from Google. The privacy and security of Google Analytics data is a high priority at Google that you can read more about on Google's Analytics Data Safeguarding page. Google also offer a Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on that will allow you to automatically Opt-out of all websites that track your activity via Google Analytics. No personal information is collected by Google Analytics.

Upon your first visit to our website, you will notice a subtle banner on the page alerting you to the fact that cookies are being placed onto your computer by our website. In order for our website to remember your choice of opting-in, we store a cookie which expires after the set amount of days below (see table).

Our website, either in full or in part, is built on the popular open-source CMS framework - WordPress. WordPress utilises cookies to allow visitors to register, login and comment on our website's content. If you do not wish to participate in commenting on our website, Wordpress will not deploy any cookies onto your device. Cookies will only be created by Wordpress if you actively register or comment via the clear forms on our website.

Our website's visitors can choose to contact us via form(s) on our website. In order to prevent spam enquiries, we protect our forms with anti-spam challenges which ensure the visitor is an actual living person, rather than a computer bot or spider.

Actual Cookies Deployed

Below is a table of information which lists all cookies deployed and used on our website.

Cookie CategoryCookie NameCookie Description
Cookie ConsentcomplianceCookieThis cookie is set by our website once you have seen and acknowledged our Cookie banner. This cookie will expire and automatically delete itself after [14] days.
Google Analytics (Universal)_ga, _gatThe single default cookie for Google Universal Analytics. This sole cookie used by Goole Analytics stores a unique client identifier (Client ID) which is set randomly. This cookie is set to expire after 24 months (2 years) and is refreshed each time you visit our website.
_utmbA Google Analytics cookie, which creates a timestamp of the exact moment when a visitor enters a site.
_utmcA Google Analytics cookie, which creates a timestamp of the exact moment when a visitor leaves the site.
_utmvUsed for reporting in Google Analytics classifying the visitor.
_utmzA Google Analytics cookie which tracks where the visitor came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked on, what keywords used, and where in the world the site was accessed from.
WordPresswp-settings-{time}-[UID]Serveral WP Settings cookies may be set if you log into the website. The number on the end is your individual user ID from the users database table. This is used to customise your view of admin interface, and possibly also the main site interface.
wordpress_test_cookiewordpress_wordpress_logged_inThese WordPress session cookies are created if and when you log into WordPress either as an administrator or contributor to the website.
devicePixelRatioThis cookie records your device's pixel ratio. If your screen resolution is a retina or Hi DPI screen, then the website may choose to serve you higher resolution graphics.
Browser Update__cfduidUsed to identify the users browser and check that it meets the minimum version tested with this website in order to display correctly.
User TrackingnQ_cookieId, nQ_visitIdUsed by Albacross to identify who’s visiting the website.

How To Disable Cookies

Most modern browsers allow you to control your cookie settings for all websites that you browse. You can disable cookie deployment completely by editing your browser settings, however in doing this you may be limiting the functionality that is displayed on our website. To learn how to disable cookies on your preferred browser we recommend reading this advice posted by Google.

If you are concerned about cookies tracking your movements on the Internet then you may be concerned about spyware. Spyware is the name given to a particular band of cookies that track personal information about you. There are many antispyware programs that you can use to prevent this from happening. Learn more about antispyware software - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware. You call also disable Google Analytics on all websites by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

  1. Changes To The Policy

Any Policy updates made to this document are made with immediate effect. Where required by law and inline with the GDPR we will inform individuals of these updates and seek further consent from them if required. You are not required to accept these updates. When updated we will record the date the latest version of this document went live and will outline this to you on the Policy. All updates will also be made on the copy of our Policy shown on the website.

  1. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or your personal data please feel free to contact us at:

Success Local Limited,
Apex House (2nd Floor)
Bank Street
LE17 4AG

[email protected]
01455 367 100