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Why Are My Competitors Getting Work That I’m Not?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read October 11, 2022

In this instalment of our 10-part series that answers questions business owners commonly ask, we’ve looked at why your competitors may be getting work that you weren’t even in the running for. Ryan talks us through a real example of a customer that approached us because his competitors were getting local work whilst he wasn’t even getting a look in. If this is your current situation, it’s likely that, as Ryan says, you’re either not being found in the right places by prospective customers, or your digital collateral isn’t compelling enough to turn a visit into an enquiry.

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If you have a specific question that you’d like to see answered, feel free to reach out to Ryan via email and he’ll be happy to make sure that your question gets covered in a future video.

Video Transcript

“We had a customer recently that was prompted to look into digital marketing was the fact that, he offers swimming pools and spas, and down the road from where he lives he saw a sign from a competitor that they were doing some work for one of his close neighbours that he wasn’t aware was happening. So he wondered why are they getting the work and I’m not?

After a consultation, we looked through his digital presence and his website and, effectively, he wasn’t getting found and when his neighbour did the search for the services, assuming that’s how they found [the competitor], the client wouldn’t have been found and wouldn’t have been in the running to win the work in the first place. And, secondly, his website was massively outdated. It didn’t have any pictures of the recent work they’d done. It was all pictures of swimming pools from the early 2000s that, at this point, looked a little dated. It didn’t really sell the concept very well. Looking at competitors, they’re selling the lifestyle, you know that luxury feel that his website just wasn’t. 

So, we worked with him on a campaign that improved his visibility and a website that is far more fitting for the sort of services they offer and just shows the quality and class, so that’s a campaign we looked at for him. 

That’s often the reason that businesses aren’t getting the work that their competitors are, either they’re not getting found or the websites aren’t compelling enough for the person to get in touch.” 

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