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What’s The Difference Between Google Ads & SEO

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read November 15, 2022

This week’s micro-pod addresses a common area of confusion; the difference between Google Ads and SEO. It’s understandable, given that they are both forms of search engine marketing but they are very different. In our latest video, Ryan addresses the key difference between Google Ads & SEO to help you understand the difference.

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Video Transcript

Google Ads and SEO is something that a lot of people confuse because they’re both forms of search engine marketing; utilising search engines to get better visibility and more traffic. Pay per click and Google Ads are effectively the paid way to receive that visibility, you’re paying for the real estate at the top of the results, which I think most people are familiar with and, ultimately, you have to pay to appear there. The moment you stop paying is the moment you stop appearing, it’s the pay to play option.

Search engine optimisation is actually more about earning that visibility and earning that position. There’s typically 10 results on page one of organic listings and it’s about showing Google and the search engines why you’re the best result for someone to find when they perform a search. That could be with excellent reviews, lots of informative content on the website, etc. So, although they both utilise search engines and Google in particular in the example, for the visibility and the traffic it’s two very different ways to actually get the visiblity and to get the placement on Google.

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