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What Is Google Guarantee AKA Local Service Ads?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read November 22, 2022

Video – What Is Google Guarantee AKA Local Service Ads?

You’re unlikely to be surprised that Google continues to innovate on their lucrative Ads platform offering new technologies and methods to gain visibility and customers. This week’s video covers one such innovation, Google Guarantee or, as it’s officially known, Local Service Ads. Despite being around 2 years in the UK, Local Service Ads are generally not well known amongst business owners. This is partly down to the fact that eligibility for the scheme is still relatively controlled and only available for use across a handful of industries.

Awareness of Google Guarantee, a name coined because Google guarantees the service provided through the scheme, is growing with Google pushing more marketing around the system. However, there’s still time for business owners to get on board whilst it’s still relatively unknown.

Watch this week’s video to get the low down on Local Service Ads and whether they could be right for your business.

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Video Transcript

Google Guarantee is something that more and more business owners are becoming aware of. Google themselves are pushing it far more, they’re sending out letters and offers of free credit to basically advertise through that platform. It’s effectively an extension of Google Ads, it’s a form of paid advertising that runs on Google’s system to give you visibility when someone searches.

It’s only available to a select few industries at the minute in the UK, and it’s basically a Google-backed service where you can promote your business and pay for leads from people, so that’s the benefit for businesses and the benefit for users is that if they use your service through Google guaranteed the value of the work that you do for them is guaranteed up to a set amount and that varies per industry. For the user, it gives you the surety and being safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong you’re actually backed by Google to receive compensation and for a business owner it gives you excellent control over what you want to bid on and appear for. And the key difference between Google Guarantee and Google Ads is that you pay per lead, not per click, so you have far more control and tangible results from it. You can directly say I either want that lead or I don’t.

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