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Web Wednesdays: What To Include On A Website

News Web Wednesdays 5 minutes read August 7, 2019

Websites are powerful online tools that provide essential opportunities for businesses to further promote services and products online. It’s imperative to make your own business website as prosperous and appealing as possible through incorporating key information and features your potential customers are seeking. For this purpose, it’s crucial to introduce engaging pages which your target audience want to see (and expect to see!). By presenting relevant and enticing information you will undoubtedly produce a website which answers your visitor’s questions and inspires them to get in touch with your business. In this weeks Web Wednesday we have selected an assortment of essential website features every business needs. Let’s get started!

The Pages You Need

We have picked a fantastic selection of significant pages your customers will be looking for while glancing over your website. Additionally, it’s vital to acknowledge that we have excluded traditional pages which you should already have implemented on your website, such as the homepage and service pages. Instead, we have focused on additional pages your website will certainly benefit from.

  • About Us
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio

About Us

By introducing an About Us page on your website, it tells customers that your a welcoming and honest business, and creates positive trust signals for potential customers. About Us pages empower businesses to reveal their own story by presenting the history of the business, such as when the business was established. It’s also an unbelievable opportunity to add personality onto your website and even showcase your specialist team, which inadvertently provides tremendous reasons why visitors should call you instead of your competition.


Are customers regularly contacting you with mystifying questions you must answer every day? We’ve got the perfect answer! A Frequently Asked Questions page is a phenomenal solution to help support bewildered visitors discover suitable answers to their questions. This is an exceptional method to provide engaging content and give a positive experience for visitors.


It’s crucial to provide meaningful incentives for why visitors should use your services or products. With so many consumers initially scanning testimonials from other customers before communicating with a business, it’s a magnificent opportunity to present unbiased and impartial testimonials to establish trust. Even if you don’t publicise testimonials directly on your website, it’s necessary to provide visitors with straightforward directions to find testimonials concerning your business elsewhere on the internet, such as Google or Facebook.


For a great number of businesses, producing a portfolio to showcase work is an unquestionable necessity to help establish assurance. Whether you compose a tremendously detailed project information masterpiece for your website or create a gallery of wondrous photos, it’s vital to give visitors examples of the marvellous work you do. Take for example if you’re a garden designer, it’s undoubtedly accurate to consider that visitors want to observe examples of the outstanding work before contemplating whether the business is right them. This transcends into most industries and is a page you should unmistakably consider.

Heard of Call To Actions?

If you’re reading this, it’s undeniably clear that you’re after additional customer enquiries and customers each month. If that is the case, then intelligent call to actions are unquestionably what you need! A call to action, usually known as “CTA”, can be anything such as a sentence or button which encourages the visitor to complete a particular operation. Let’s examine the incredible tips to follow when crafting call to actions on your business website.

Contact Forms

A straightforward method of increasing user conversions and making your website immediately more prosperous is to transform the submit button on your contact forms. Rather than saying something dreary like “Submit”, you can produce more tailored and focused buttons which encourage visitors to click. For example, “Reserve Your Seat” or “Request Your Free Quote”.


Websites are inevitably propelling towards being more image and video concentrated, with less focus on paragraphs of text. For this reason, formulating short and snappy titles and sentences will encourage visitors to complete actions much more likely. Take for example We Buy Any Car, they introduce a short but indistinctively clickable sentence which encourages visitors to complete a particular action, the sentence reads “Sell my car the fast, safe & easy way, enter your reg for a free instant online valuation”. By employing this method you will certainly build a more victorious website.

Sizing & Spacing

Be mindful of the size and spacing of components across your website. Visitors will be attracted to larger items before seeing smaller details, so you should make elements you would like visitors to notice much larger than other parts. For example, if you’ve introduced a special offer (perhaps 10% off?) then you certainly want to shout about it and make it the focal point of the page. This encourages visitors to spend further time on the page boosts the likelihood of getting in touch. It’s also essential to accurately space elements from each other. If you desire visitors to focus on a particular section, then creating space separating other sections will transform the reader’s focus.


Overall, there is so much more to include when sharing steps you can complete to enhance your business website and improve conversions. We hope what we presented will make you think about the improvements you could make to improve your website. If you have any questions or any ideas you would like to share please feel free to get in touch.

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