Updating Your Customers During The COVID-19 Outbreak

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By now, you’ll be aware of the global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Not only does it pose a risk to people’s health but it’s having a major impact on the economy. For a lot of businesses, there is an uncertainty on what lies ahead in the next few weeks and months. Are staff going to be off sick? Do we have enough cash flow to keep paying the team? Do customers still see the value in our product or service? How close is a complete government lockdown? These are just a few of the questions that you’re probably asking yourselves right now. Unfortunately, nobody has any definitive answers so an air of uncertainty remains. We can, however, provide clarity to our customers on our working procedures and our current situation.

It’s important to inform your customers about how your business will be operating during this period and any contingency plans you have should certain situations occur. If staff are working from home, be honest about it and state how this is likely to impact on the product or service you provide (even if it is likely to have no impact). If your business needs to close for a few weeks or you’re low on stock because the manufacturers are using skeleton staff, then ensure your customers are aware of this. There will be matters that are specific to your business or industry that you should try and include too.

One of the big issues to come from COVID-19 is turning up to a supermarket, only to find that they’ve sold out of nearly everything you need. If your customers still want your service or product, make sure that they’re informed on whether you can provide it or not. Obviously, it’s not practical to feedback a play by play update unless you have a huge social media following that actively engages with your feeds. But you can provide a general update on your current situation in the form of an e-letter or email. The structure of the email may differ slightly from business to business but the general layout should contain the following:

  • General Overview of Business Operations
  • Working Practice With Staff
  • Appointment Procedures
  • Government Guidelines & Link (Help Your Customers Out Here)
  • Additional Support You Can Provide

By clicking the link below you can access and download a template letter that you can send to your customers keeping them up to date with your business’s developments during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Click Here To Download

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