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Web Wednesdays: The Benefits Of Using A Live Chat Feature

News Web Wednesdays 3 minutes read October 2, 2019

Having strong customer service values is a fundamental element of any business and is a key accessory to boost your sales and reputation. In today’s digital environment, the approach customers use to interact with businesses has unquestionably shifted. A live chat feature is appealing for customers and is popularly used on business websites. Live chats have numerous benefits for both businesses and customers by offering convenient, real-time and prompt responses to your customer’s queries, encouraging sales.

Coinciding with our previous communication-based Web Wednesdays articles, including “Reasons To Use A Professional Email Address“, in this week’s article we discuss the tremendous benefits and success a live chat can bring to your business. Let’s make a start!

In Short

We have presented the key benefits a live chat feature gives your business below, which we have expanded further below.

  1. Convenient for customers
  2. Increase sales and conversions
  3. Competitive advantage

1. Convenient for Customers

Live chats have become a popular method of communication for customers, with J.D Power discovering that an astonishing 42% of customers prefer live chats, as opposed to email and social media. Live chat systems empower businesses to react faster to customer queries (almost instantly!) and increase the choice of preferred contact methods to accommodate all customers. Implementing a live chat system on your business website ensures your website offers an appealing experience for potential customers and provides a much more comfortable encounter.

Live chats offer a more favourable experience for both customers and businesses. They allow customers to multi-task by continuing what they’re doing while the live chat operator responds to the query. It also lets customers and businesses save conversations for use later-on and presents a more accessible system of sharing documents and links. With so many advantages, it’s certainly an upgrade you need to consider.

2. Increase Sales & Conversions

Can your business afford to lose sales? If you don’t have a live chat on your website you could unquestionably be losing out on potential sales and new customers. Recently, FurstPerson discovered that as many as 77% of customers would hesitate purchasing a product online if there wasn’t a live chat option available on the website. Having a real person accompany customers through a purchase provides bundles of confidence and gives a positive experience to ensure customers leave great reviews and recommend your business to others. Consequently increasing additional sales and promoting your business even further.

3. Competitive Advantage

As a business, when customers stroll into your store you get the opportunity to build a positive relationship throughout the sales experience. This is an excellent way to establish trust and secure the sale. However, when customers browse your website online you can’t do that. A live chat nevertheless not only provides customers with a convenient tool to comfortably talk with you to develop trust but additionally it makes you stand out from your competitors and gives your business an advantage over your rivals. This is ideal for increasing your online and offline purchases and gives potential buyers a compelling reason why choosing your business is a more desirable choice than your rivals.

In a Few Words

Although we’ve only presented 3 essential reasons to convince you why a live chat system is an upgrade that won’t disappoint you or your customers, there’s actually an infinite number of reasons why live chats are so powerful such as reducing expenses and identifying customer pain points by inviting feedback following the live chat encounter. Overall, if you want to increase your sales and enhance the experience of your customers, investing in a live chat system is a great approach to choose.

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share your comments or ask us any questions.

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