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Success Local Director Announcement

Business News 3 minutes read May 17, 2024

We have some exciting news to announce!


Dave, can you believe it?

We’re coming to eight years old on the thirteenth of May. What a journey it’s been. Our purpose was always to set up to do the best for our customers, to grow their businesses through digital marketing channels.

You were fifty last week. I was fifty-five in January.

Today is the day that we announce that we’re actually going to both step back from the actual day-to-day running of Success Local. We’re not leaving the business per se. We’re going to stay on as shareholders. But what we have done is we’ve appointed Ryan Simmonds to be the director and new leader of the business.

A lot of our clients already know me. I joined the business back around eight years ago to set up the digital department. And, in that time, I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic clients and with a fantastic team to build the business that we have today.

It’s super exciting for me to be able to take this business forward, and evolve it to the next version of the Success Local.

That’s keeping true to our core around our clients, around making a difference to business owners, and ultimately building a great team that get fulfilment and joy out of work.

Now behind the scenes, I’ve been running the business more on a day-to-day basis and taking more and more of the responsibility for roundabout the last year in my role as integrator.

And I’m really ready to take the next step and take the reins fully to drive the business forward, to deliver better results, better outcomes, and build on the customer service you already expect to receive here at Success Local.

I can’t thank all of our customers enough for the time that we’ve had together, the people we’ve worked with, both past and future employees that are going to join the business.

I am so, impressed with what Success Local has achieved over the years, for all of our customers. We couldn’t have done it without such an amazing team. They’ve supported us through and through over the years.

Some of our team has been with us for twelve years this week, and, yeah, the loyalty has been amazing. Hopefully, the customers, that we’ve had over the years, have benefited from all of our hard work. We’ve always set out to do our best for our customers and to help grow their businesses.

The team have been fantastic all the way through, and it’s time to pass it over. It’s, been an amazing journey.

Can’t believe that, I’ve been personally doing this for sixteen years. I met you shortly after that, and, we, got together, eight, like you say, eight years ago, and, Success Local has gone from strength to strength.

My future beyond Success Local is actually to become an EOS implementer, which I’ll start on the first of June onwards, and work with owners and leadership teams to clarify their vision, to overcome the frustrations that many entrepreneurs have, and we certainly have over our journey, and find a way of unifying the energy in their business and in their teams to achieve their own future success and achieve their goals. Can’t wait to be out in that marketplace.

May see some of you in the future. If you know of anyone that can ever help, always here to talk.

I’m gonna take some time out, get my breath back, spend some time with the family, walk the dog. I might do a dog walking book or a pub dog walking book. Not quite sure yet, but, whatever, I do next, I promise I’ll try and keep in touch with as many of you as I can. And, we wish all of our customers all the best for the future. Thank you.

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