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As social media has gained popularity, there has been a growing belief in the business community that social media is the answer to achieve marketing success. However, successful social media marketing is about more than just posting on Facebook and asking your friends to like your page. Social media can be an excellent tool to gain new business, but it needs to be well targetted and go beyond simply the number of likes or follows that you have. 


Building Your Audience – Paid Social Ads

On day one your social media profiles have no followers and whilst it can be tempting to chase the numbers, it’s not necessarily going to give you the best result. Your campaign will only perform well if you’re engaging an audience that is likely to be interested in your services. That’s why when the team at Success Local put together social adverts to grow your following, we target your adverts to display to people with relevant interests, job titles and personal details. 

By targeting your audience effectively, the follow-up posts that you write are likely to be far more successful and you can end up with a group of brand advocates that will also share your social media profiles with other likeminded people. 


Nurture Your Following – Organic Social Posts

Organic social posts are unpaid adverts that can be seen by the people that follow your page. Once you’ve started to grow your audience your organic posts will become increasingly important. How you use your organic posts can determine the success that you see from social. Nobody likes to be sold to and so posting exclusively about your products and services is very unlikely to gain the results you’re hoping for. Instead, a mixture of posts to educate, inform, humanise, engage and sell is required. The team at Success Local are perfectly placed to support you in finding the right tone of voice and mix of posts to give you the best chance of succeeding on social media. 


Compliment Your Other Marketing – Remarketing

Social media advertising shouldn’t be used in isolation, instead it should complement your other marketing activity. One key way you use can use social media to combine your social media with your website and invest in remarketing. Remarketing is an advertising method that re-engages people who have previously visited your website with adverts that attempt to bring them back to your website to either complete a purchase or enquire. Remarketing can be highly effective, as you’re advertising to an audience who has already shown an interest in your business previously. 

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