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Should I Be Doing Facebook Ads?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read November 1, 2022

Video – Should I Be Doing Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads and social media, in general, has been a hot topic amongst business owners for some time so it’s not surprising that we commonly get asked whether business owners should be actively running Facebook Ads. In this week’s micro-pod Ryan touches on the topic of Facebook Ads and explains why it’s are a great source of leads, but might not be for everyone.

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Video Transcript

“For a little while now, social, Facebook,  Instagram and now Tik Tok and other emerging social technologies have been a bit of a buzz in the business world that some people have seen success with, so they recommend it to all of their friends and colleagues and peers as something that they should be doing. But, in reality, it’s not necessarily right for everyone.

Social by itself won’t bring you masses of business and masses of success, unless you’re in the right industry. We’ve had some customers in the past come to us saying that they’d like social, but they’re not in an industry that lends itself particularly well. So, for example, they could be in a B2B industry like waste management where they’re trying to sell commercial wheelie bins to business owners. It’s just not really the platform that’s going to get you in front of the type of customers that are going to be interested in your services. 

So what we actually try to do it take a step back and look at the purpose and the reasoning for the campaign and then suggest channels that we feel will get you the best visibility in front of your prospective audience.”

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