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Retargeting And Your Website Conversion Rate

Advice 2 minutes read February 13, 2023

Do you know what the average website conversion rate is for an e-commerce site? 

Fifty per cent? Twenty-five? 

When we’re all putting so much time, money and effort into creating the perfect website, you’d hope it’d be pretty high…

But the truth is, the average website converts just 3.8% of its visitors into paying customers. 

So what can you do about all those people who are landing on your site and then heading off elsewhere without handing over their cash? 

There’s one solution that forms a crucial part of any great digital marketing strategy – and if you’re not doing it (or not doing it enough), chances are you could increase your sales this year by making a simple change. 


To help, we’ve recorded a quick video running you through the strategy…



Give this short video a watch and you’ll come away understanding:


  • The simple way to pick up additional conversions through your website
  • How to convert your prospects into customers, even after they’ve clicked elsewhere
  • How YOU’ve probably already found yourself a target of this smart strategy!


What are you doing to convert people after they’ve left your website? 

Give that video a watch and if you’d like any help thrashing out a plan and putting it into action, get in touch

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