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Web Wednesdays: Reasons To Use A Professional Email Address

News Web Wednesdays 4 minutes read September 25, 2019

Although initially, you may view email addresses as a trivial aspect of your business, they are however an essential ingredient to the success of any business which we’ll explain the reasons why in this article. For instance, if you were looking for an animal care professional, would you consider contacting a business using [email protected] or [email protected] to care for your pet? I’m confident you’d choose the latter as it looks more appealing and trustworthy.

Deciding on a professionally branded email address for your business has many benefits and advantages. In today’s Web Wednesdays, we present the top reasons why a professional email address is critical to your business. Let’s make a start.

In a Nutshell

  1. Looks Professional & Trustworthy
  2. Improves Spam Results
  3. Offers Superior Branding Benefits

Hold Up! Firstly, What’s a Professional Email Address?

A professionally branded email address is an address which contains the name of your business and customarily utilises the address of your website, such as www.mywebsite.co.uk. For illustration, a business named “Gary’s Mechanic Centre” with a website address of www.garysmechaniccentre.co.uk should choose a professional email such as [email protected], instead of [email protected].

Further Elaboration

1. Looks Professional & Trustworthy

A branded email address indicates to your customers that you’re an established and professional expert. Using generic email addresses from free providers such as Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail can raise uncertainties about the identity and security of the business customers are contacting. You should consider the credibility and assurance a branded email provides to your customers, particularly if you deal with sensitive data which customers would be concerned about sending to unprofessional addresses.

This can hinder the volume of potential customers considering to contact your business to purchase your products and use your services. Consequently, whether your a health specialist or a local plumber, you unquestionably need a professional email address so your business is taken seriously.

2. Improves Spam Results

If customers regularly receive emails from your business, whether to a single recipient or multiple via a marketing campaign, possessing a professional email address ensures your recipients immediately recognise your legitimate emails and will be more likely to open your emails. Moreover, email providers will occasionally block emails they judge to be spam, with unprofessional email address (such as [email protected]) being more sceptical of being marked as spam and subsequently blocked.

Opting for a trusted and valid domain-based email address, such as [email protected], will undoubtedly increase your possibilities of delivering emails successfully. This is especially valuable when transmitting bulk marketing emails to potentially 1000’s of email addresses. If your address is deemed as spam it can put your other business emails in jeopardy. For example, you don’t want to discover that your quotation and invoicing emails are not being successfully delivered to your customers.

Additionally, professional email addresses also provides advantages to your website contact form messages. If you occasionally notice emails from new customers not being delivered to your inbox from your website it could be the consequence of using an email address which is not correlated to your website URL. For instance, it’s recommended to send emails from your website to an email address which is related to your website URL. For example, [email protected] would be an ideal choice for www.mywebsite.co.uk, as the domain name is identical to the website address.

3. Offers Superior Branding Benefits

Not only does a professional email address make you appear more trustworthy, but they also help align and strengthen the branding and identity of your business. Each moment you send an email to someone, you are effectively promoting your business and your website so it’s vital to ensure your branding is consistent and professional throughout. Your email address can be used as a free advertising tool which promotes your website’s address and entices visitors to find out more by placing the domain from your address into a browser.

It’s also worth noting that some of your competitors may be using unprofessional email addresses. This enables you to effortlessly separate yourself from the competition and become more desirable to potential customers. Additionally, you can also divide your business into different divisions by creating specific email addresses, such as billing@ and support@ email addresses, which will help support the established and professional image your business strives to become.

The Finale

Overall, creating a branded email address from your business domain is an inexpensive and effortless method of showing credibility and trust to your customers. At Success Local, we understand the value of a professional email address so our domain and website hosting package currently includes up to 5 free email addresses for our customers. If you have any questions and would like to find out more please do not hesitate to let us know!

Be on the lookout for next week’s Web Wednesdays as we will be presenting the advantages of using a live chat feature on your website.

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