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Pay Per Click, or PPC, refers to any marketing activity that works on the basis that you pay for the exposure your business receives. Bing, Google and other major online companies offer adverts in prominent places on their networks, such as at the top of search results, to the highest bidder. As the name indicates, PPC is typically operated on the basis that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert. 

At Success Local, we’re Google Partners and specialise in offering Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads offers many businesses a great degree of control over the results they receive, whilst also putting you in the driving seat when it comes to how much you want to spend, as well as giving you access to a massive audience.


Rely On Expert Campaign Management

Although Google Ads and other PPC networks offer a good amount of control over both what you spend and also who sees your adverts, there are still some pitfalls to avoid. It’s easy to spend your budget on the wrong type of search if you’re not careful, as Google Ads tries to show your ads to as many people as possible within your targeting. For example, a common problem some people find when they run ads is that they end up paying for clicks of people looking purely for information or for jobs in the sector. 

The team at Success Local are all Google Ads certified, meaning they have completed Google certifications to demonstrate their capability to set up and manage Google Ads campaigns. From day one our team work with you to ensure that your campaign is going to reach the audience you want and that it will contribute to your overall business growth goals. Through continuous management of your campaign, you will see your campaign go from strength to strength. 


PPC With Transparency At Its Heart

Being trusted to deliver your pay per click campaign isn’t something we take lightly. Our team understand that the true measure for all marketing is what it generates for you; the leads and the sales. That’s why we provide open and honest assessments of campaigns with monthly reporting on key metrics such as cost, clicks, enquiries and cost per acquisition. We don’t hide the important information from you and invite you to ask questions.

In addition to being open in our reporting, we also offer transparent campaign costs. Many agencies ask clients to pay their management fee and their click budget straight to the agency. This global sum then gets split and some is paid to Google and the rest is kept by the agency. The problem is you are very much in the dark about what is actually being invested in your campaign. Although most agencies are honest in how the budget is being distributed there are those that take the opportunity to take a larger proportion of the overall budget for themselves. This type of action reduces the visibility and results you can expect to see. At Success Local, we charge our customers a pre-agreed management fee each month and set up their accounts so that they pay Google directly. This offers complete transparency over how much your campaign is costing you and also how much you are investing in the ads themselves. 


Get Better Returns

Whether you’ve been running a PPC campaign for years, or you’re just starting out, we can offer you a different perspective on your campaigns and often generate a better return on your investment. To arrange a video call or meeting our expert team, call us on 01788 288 800.

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