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Launching New Research: “The Vision Advantage” – Success Local’s Guide to Driving Business Growth

Advice Business 3 minutes read February 2, 2024

For businesses with growth ambitions, marketing isn’t just about creating noise—it’s a strategic tool crucial for success. Too often, we’ve watched ambitious businesses get “stuck” in their outdated marketing approaches or attempt the latest trending marketing tricks and tools, with no results to show for it. Ultimately your marketing approach needs to be adapted to your business’ needs & vision, while remaining flexible so that it continues to support you in achieving new, ambitious targets, reaching new audiences, achieving more from the services you offer, and ultimately increasing your revenue.

The Success Local team always believed that our business vision should be the guiding force behind every marketing initiative. This has been the key to continuously achieving tangible results for ourselves and our clients. From this belief our research, “The Vision Advantage: A Guide to Driving Business Growth” was born and designed to serve as a comprehensive guide for businesses such as franchises, dealerships, brokerages and national companies, aiming to achieve substantial growth through a strategic marketing approach. 

A proven success model applied to marketing

Drawing inspiration from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a proven model for achieving business excellence, our research adapted EOS principles specifically to the realm of marketing.

As an EOS-run business ourselves, these principles are already embedded into our own operations as well as our client work and so, with the help of hard data, we decided to explore their wider impact on business performance.

We surveyed 229 businesses, specifically on four success principles in marketing that help to create a value-driven marketing approach and drive more business growth:

  • Creating a goal-aligned marketing strategy
  • Cohesive marketing teams
  • Effective use of data
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles

What did we find?

The research found compelling evidence of a relationship between the marketing success principles and increased business performance, which manifested as more consistent goal attainment, higher turnover growth, and increased investment in marketing.

Some of our key findings showed that:

  • 64% of businesses lack a marketing strategy that’s completely aligned with their business goals, despite those with alignment seeing greater success.
  • Businesses with teams well-versed in core business objectives experience an average growth of 15% – 30% in turnover.
  • Budget constraints are the primary obstacle hindering the alignment of marketing goals with business objectives.
  • 86% of respondents underutilise data to inform their marketing decisions.
  • Businesses with well-defined processes report 15% – 30% higher turnover growth than those without documented processes.
  • Only 13% of businesses consistently identify, discuss, and resolve marketing issues.
  • 52% of respondents review and update their marketing strategy quarterly to align with changing business goals.

What does this mean for your business?

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to step up and generate far greater success with a more aligned marketing approach. This research report will provide you with insights into exactly how you can drive your business’ vision forward, tips for how to superior implementation, as well as data from 229 other businesses allowing you to benchmark your own business in comparison and spot opportunities to outperform competitors. 

A call to action for ambitious businesses

“The Vision Advantage” research report is not just an exploration, we hope it can act as a call to action for businesses, urging them to step up, align their marketing with their vision, and achieve unparalleled growth.

Learn more about empowering your marketing and driving business growth by downloading your version of “The Vision Advantage: A Guide to Driving Business Growth” now.

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