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Web Wednesdays: How To Increase Contact Form Enquiries

News Web Wednesdays 4 minutes read October 9, 2019

If you want to inspire customers to communicate with your business online, it seems logical to recognise just how important an engaging contact form is to succeed in the digital scene. However, you may be shocked at how little time some businesses spend when considering the importance of contact forms. Forms are powerful methods of communication, which encourage communication and gives businesses opportunities to boost user engagement and increase customer figures. It may seem confusing to know what you can do to improve your website, however, luckily for our fourth communication-based article we’ve assembled a shortlist of key features you need to consider to further increase your contact form enquiries and build a successful website. Let’s make a start!

To Put It Briefly

There are so many tips and methods to consider when developing the conversion rates of your website contact forms. To support the success of your business’s website, we’ve shared the most powerful methods you need to be aware of when producing contact forms, which we will discuss further in this article.

  1. Make your forms simple to locate
  2. Keep the form short & focused
  3. Simplify the design & layout
  4. Write stronger submit button labels

1. Make Your Forms Simple to Locate

Ensuring contact forms are straightforward to find by visitors should unquestionably be your top priority by including prominent links to your contact forms. In doing so you will certainly improve the possibilities of visitors getting in touch with you. Additionally, businesses shouldn’t confuse “trendy” and “contemporary” website features with the value of a “plain-spoken” advertisement of your contact forms. For example, in your navigation, you should simply incorporate a “Contact Us” or “Get In Touch” menu item. This prevents the struggle and frustration visitors may have when seeking to get in touch with your business. It’s also beneficial to include helpful contact forms, such as short “Quick Enquiry” or “Callback Request” forms, onto each page to make it more comfortable and simpler for visitors to locate your contact forms.

2. Keep The Form Short & Focused

Filling a form is never a fun activity, except maybe for the purchase of a brand-new Ferrari, therefore why would you require your visitors to painstakingly fill out an infinite number of fields just to get in touch with your business? Convenience is notably important, so when determining what information you want visitors to provide, it’s vital to recognise that the fewer fields you introduce the more conversions and enquiries you’ll receive.

Visitors don’t want their time wasted by completing elaborate forms and can be shy about supplying personal information, so you shouldn’t be demanding visitors input irrelevant information. Consider the basics, ideally, you need to collect their name, a method of contact (phone or email) and possibly a field to compose a message. Any additional fields should be heavily deliberated, MecLabs discovered that reducing a form to just four fields increased the conversion rate by 160%. If you feel certain information from visitors is beneficial but don’t want to discourage all visitors, you can consider making additional fields optional.

3. Simplify The Design & Layout

Untidy and complicated form designs are key hindrances which result in visitors abandoning websites. Businesses should ensure forms are designed to allow the most convenient experience possible. This can be accomplished by simply matching the size of your input fields to the expected input length and ensuring each field is sufficiently separated from each other. Additionally, by placing your form closer to the top of the page above other layout elements makes it more noticeable by visitors. Furthermore, by ensuring mistakes in a submission are clearly indicated will ensure visitors don’t get frustrated when a form doesn’t send. This is an unpleasantly simple way to miss out on potential customers who become frustrated when forms are too complicated or when figuring out what went wrong in the submission.

4. Write Stronger Submit Button Labels

Website visitors will unknowingly react to all the messages across your website, and the words written on your contact form submit buttons are a surprisingly fundamental aspect of any form. HubSpot has stated that poor submit buttons can negatively cost businesses at least 3% of their conversions. Therefore, rather than writing a generic message which drearily states “Submit”, you should tailor each button to remind visitors about the purpose of your contact form. For example, on a quote request form, instead of stating “Submit” you could say “Get a Free Quote”.

In Closing

To put it briefly, contact forms are critical to building a successful online website, and investing your resources and time to produce engaging contact forms is essential to help increase your online enquiries.

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