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How Can Business Owners Help Their Digital Marketing?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read October 25, 2022

Video – How Can Business Owners Help Their Digital Marketing?

This week’s micro-pod topic is targeted at business owners who are asking what they can do to support their digital marketing. Ryan talks about some of the ways that business owners can support their marketing efforts, spanning topics such as Google Business Profile posts and images, encouraging customers to leave reviews and letting your marketing agency know what questions your customers are asking so they can create targeted content.

If there’s a question we’ve not covered so far in the series so far, Ryan would love to hear from you and he’ll be sure to cover your question in a future micro-pod.

Video Transcript

“There’s lots that business owners can do to improve their digital marketing. It ranges from getting hands-on with things like Google Business Profile all the way to just supporting your agency, if you’re work with a marketing agency, with the things that your customers are asking you. Making a note of common questions that you get asked is a prime example of a way that you as a business owner can support your marketing without actually getting hands-on with it. By answering those questions and giving the results that people are actively seeking, you’re likely to be a better result and attract more visitors because you’re answering questions that people have. 

From a Google Business Profile perspective, which is the results that show up in the maps results, you are in prime position to drive reviews to it, to get positive customer experiences that offer social proof as to why to use you and not a competitor, as well as things like images. I think that is one thing that a lot of business owners don’t actually take advantage of is images on Google Business Profiles, as well as the posts function. It’s the perfect way to include call outs, special offers and key information on your business that updates regularly that you can manage yourself probably 30 seconds at a time. It honestly doesn’t take much time and it will really, really help your marketing efforts.” 

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