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Common Social Ads CTA Mistakes

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read April 15, 2023


Choosing the right call-to-action, or CTA, can be the difference between a social media ads campaign that turns into the most effective marketing you’ve ever done or a vanity project that gains reach, but not results. When most business owners and marketers think of a call-to-action, they think about the buy action. In this video Ryan explains some of the dangers of focussing on the wrong call to action and why getting it wrong could mean you turn your prospective clients off.


Video Transcript

One of the most common mistakes we see is when people use the wrong call to action at the stage of their funnels. They’re either typically keeping it too broad or trying to move to a buy signal far too early in the journey. A really effective social campaign should realistically use a funnel type model where you’re taking someone from having never heard from you before, to building trust and confidence in you and your products through a variety of different avenues all the way through to the point where they’re ready to purchase.

Now when people think about call to action, most of the time they’re thinking about that buy signal, and that’s fair enough because that is ultimately where we want to get to. But introducing the wrong call to action too early will really hinder your opportunity of ever getting there.

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