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Are Google Ads Expensive?

Advice Micro-Pod 2 minutes read November 8, 2022

Video – Are Google Ads Expensive?

Google Ads have gained a bit of a reputation for being expensive and it’s something a lot of business owners are cautious of when we first speak to them. That’s why Ryan has chosen this topic for this week’s micro-pod. Ryan talks about why, although the cost of clicks on Google Ads has risen, it doesn’t mean it’s not a potentially lucrative industry for some businesses.

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Video Transcript

“Google Ads, over the last 5 to 10 years has become increasingly expensive. At the outset, you typically get a click for a few pence but as more businesses cottoned on to the fact that it was a good source of leads that’s driven up the competition, which has in turn ramped up the price. Really though whether it’s expensive is down to the products and services that you offer and the value of a lead to you. 

If you sell a product and you’re only making a £10-£15 margin on it, it’s likely that Google Ads may not give you a return based on the level of investment you have to make to get a lead back. But, if you offer high value products and services, or have a really good conversion rate when someone does enquire, Google Ads is still a really good opportunity to get traffic to your website in a really cost-effective and profitable manner to see an excellent ROI.” 

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