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Advantages of Facebook’s Advantage+ Placements for Advertisers

Advice 4 minutes read June 9, 2023

Are you wondering what Advantage+ Placements on Facebook are and how they can benefit your business? Look no further. Advantage+ placements are an automated tool that optimises the placement of your ads across Facebook’s apps and services in real-time. This tool used to be called Automatic Placements, but it has since been rebranded to Advantage+ Placements.

The campaign creation process for Advantage+ campaigns is straightforward. Facebook’s delivery system will try to make the most of your budget and increase your ad’s exposure by showing it on all placements available for your settings on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the Meta Audience Network. The system will look to distribute your ad in lower-cost placements first, giving you more results at no extra cost to you.

If you want to set up your own placements, you can still do so, but it won’t be as efficient as an Advantage+ Campaign.If you have any questions about Advantage+ Placements, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • Advantage+ Placements are an automated tool that optimises ad placement across Facebook’s apps and services in real-time.
  • The campaign creation process for Advantage+ Campaigns is straightforward and efficient.
  • You can still choose your own placements, but this could negatively affect your performance more than you think.

Advantage+ Placements


Advantage+ Placements is an automated ad placement tool on Meta Ads Manager that optimises your ad delivery across a range of placements including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Meta Audience Network.

It is a recommended option for advertisers because it allows Metas’s delivery system to make the most of your budget. 


Advantage+ placements offer a range of benefits to advertisers. Firstly, it automates the campaign setup process, which saves time and effort. Secondly, it optimises ad delivery across the whole ad network increasing performance without any interface from yourself or without entering the dreaded learning phase, which will typically lead to better results and higher conversions. Thirdly, it simplifies the campaign creation process, making it easier for advertisers to create ads that work.

You’ll of course get Meta spending money on placements that don’t perform as well as other placements, but this is normally marginal.

The Risks

While Advantage+ placements make your life easier, you run the risk of Meta spending your money on placements that don’t provide value for you. 

Whenever Meta makes a change or an addition to their ad platform you have to weigh up the decision to two main factors, does this change benefit Meta or benefit you?

With Advantage+ placements you’re giving Meta the freedom to use all its options to showcase your ads, which is great news for Meta, but does it benefit you? Well it depends, apart from the ease of use, the main point of the Advantage+ placements is to increase performance of the campaign, typically we’ve seen good results for our clients when letting Meta decide the placements.

We typically use the Advantage+ placement and make changes after an initial period. We regularly check the breakdowns of placements to see where your results are coming from and adjust accordingly, but you’ll need to tread carefully as turning off Advantage+ placements can cause some ad accounts CPA to spike.

How to Create Advantage+ Placements

To create Advantage+ placements, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ads Manager and select the campaign you want to create.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the ad set page and you will find “Placements” option and select “Advantage+ placements (Recommended)”

    Facebook Advanced+ Placement Options
  3. If you choose manual placements, you can select specific placements for your ads, such as Facebook News Feed, Instagram Stories, or Messenger Inbox.

    Facebook Advanced+ Placement Options
  4. Launch your campaign and monitor its performance.

In conclusion, Facebook’s Advantage+ Placements offer significant advantages for advertisers by automating the ad placement process, optimising campaign performance, and saving time. With the ability to leverage Facebook’s extensive ad network and distribute ads in lower-cost placements, advertisers can maximise their budget and achieve better results. While there is a risk of funds being allocated to underperforming placements, regularly monitoring and adjusting the campaign can mitigate this. Overall, Advantage+ Placements provide an efficient and effective solution for advertisers to enhance their advertising efforts on Facebook, Instagram and the Meta Audience Network.

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