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7 ways to break through the £1m barrier in 2023

Advice 2 minutes read January 31, 2023

If there’s one thing most new clients ask for during our business discovery meetings, it’s this:

Can you help us break the X-pound barrier? 

More often than not, they’re talking about the million-pound barrier. 

In our experience, working in digital marketing for SMEs across the UK, we’ve found there are seven key elements that give businesses the tools to get to that place – so we’ve recorded a video spelling out exactly what they are! Even if it’s not the £1m barrier you’re trying to break, the advice in this video will help you to push on and exceed your revenue goals this year.

Grab a cuppa, give this a watch and you’ll find out: 

  • Where to stop wasting time and money in your digital marketing this year
  • How to find more of your customers and meet them where they’re at
  • What needs to take centre stage in your messaging in 2023
  • And what Google wants to see more of right now (and how you can use your competitors’ outdated content to your advantage)

If you want to be able to predict and increase demand for your product or service over the next twelve months so you can finally beat the £1m barrier, give this a watch. 

And if you’ve got any questions about anything you hear in there, please don’t hesitate to hit reply. 

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