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60 Seconds on Improving Your Social Ads

60 Seconds 2 minutes read July 20, 2023

In the second video in our 60 second series, Andrew is running through 5 proven tips from Meta, which will improve your social ad campaigns and get you a better return on your investment.

Video Transcript

Welcome to another video in our sixty second series where we take you through the latest marketing and industry news and tips. For today’s sixty seconds, we’re going to run through Meta’s proven tactics with five tips to help you improve your ad campaigns. So let’s get started.

By simplifying your ad account structure and running one central campaign, Your ad campaigns undergo a learning phase with AI, which enhances the recommendations and benefits your ad campaigns.

Automation in Meta’s advantage suite helps marketers cope with the dynamic customer journey without extra costs or resources. Tools like advantage plus offer real value, widely embraced by advertisers.

The old method of sharing a mass message to reach all the answers and scale, not effective. By continuously developing and refining our creative, marketers can adopt fresh approach to targeting.

Use conversions API to connect your marketing data with meta from improved campaign performance.

For a better understanding of campaign insights, Businesses should use conversion lift, marked in mixed modelling to quantify your results, and a b testing to compare the effectiveness of different strategies.

There we have it five tips for you to better your ad campaigns and get to better return on your investment. Let us know how you get on with it and what worked best for you. And I’ll see you in the next of our sixty second series.

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