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60 Seconds on GA

60 Seconds 2 minutes read June 23, 2023

Here is the first video of our new 60 second series where we will be taking you through the latest industry news and marketing tips. In this video we discuss the benefits of GA4 ready for everyone to be using it from 1st July when Universal Analytics will be ending.

Video Transcript

Welcome to the first in our 60 second series, where we take you through the latest marketing and industry news and tips! Today we’re diving into the incredible benefits of GA4. So, let’s get started!

GA4 provides a unified measurement approach, allowing you to track user interactions across devices and platforms. Gain valuable insights into your customers’ journey and behaviour, from website visits to app usage.

GA4 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to uncover hidden opportunities. Its predictive analytics feature helps you anticipate user behaviour and make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing strategies.

GA4 introduces improved event tracking and conversion modelling. Track specific user actions, define custom events, and gain deeper insights into conversions, enabling you to measure the success of your campaigns accurately.

GA4 seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, allowing you to analyse the entire customer journey, from ad impression to conversion. Make informed decisions and optimise your ad spend for maximum results.

So that’s it for our first video, I’ll see you again in the next of our 60 second series.

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