Why Is It Worth Considering An Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are a good way to support young people and their training, but also a good way to support businesses.

With apprenticeships available in over 170 industries and an estimated 25,000 apprenticeship vacancies available online, there’s plenty to choose from even for young people who don’t necessarily know exactly what they want to do for a career. Discovering it during an apprenticeship is a great way of doing so as nothing will give you a better insight of an industry, than working within it.


Our Experience

Jonathan, who’s now one of the web designers and developers at our company, started his career at CT Creative as an apprentice:

‘Having experienced being an apprentice at CT Creative, I can say that it is a very remarkable and enjoyable experience that provides a very engaging process for those wishing to work in a specific industry. A great deal of my time was dedicated to working within the organisation and dealing with day-to-day tasks of becoming a web designer. This gave me very valuable “on the job” experiences which helped greatly towards completing my apprenticeship. Throughout the process, I would also spend part of my time completing coursework and revision exercises. This all worked towards completing my level 3 apprenticeship and help me gain relevant qualifications. I have now been a full time web designer at CT Creative for just over a year, and have found the experience of being an apprentice very rewarding and would highly recommend this to others.’


From The Business Perspective

The government is constantly investing in the scheme and developing it and in April 2016 the National Insurance contribution for apprentices under 25 will be dropped so the employer doesn’t have to pay it. There are also grants available to help small business owners to start an apprenticeship for people between 16 and 24 years old.

It is said that 71% of apprentices stay with the same employer so to us there’s a clear connection between apprenticeships helping to reduce the rate of young people’s unemployment. Without taking part in an apprenticeship these young people may not be able to get their first job having not had relevant experience, they may not even get the chance to get an interview.

On the other hand it is a great way for the employers to get to know the person whom otherwise they may not have considered. That in return decreases the time and cost of the recruitment process.

Here’s what our director Paul has got to say about his experience of taking on an apprentice:

‘I wouldn’t hesitate recommending any business to seriously consider recruiting an apprentice. Our experiences to date have only been positive. It has provided an effective move forward when hiring individuals who can be nurtured and trained to meet our specific company requirements whilst creating a positive impact in our business. Our first apprentice Jonathan quickly became an invaluable member of staff and today is a highly respected member of the team. We treated the concept of apprenticeship as a long term partnership commitment and together we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The process isn’t complicated as the agency made it very easy and we’re extremely pleased with the outcome. Apprenticeships are now an integral part of our recruitment strategy, a worthwhile investment and definitely worth considering at every level.’


Apprenticeships were a very common way to train for the jobs in the past and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be nowadays. In 1914 young people were training on the apprenticeships to become dressmakers, engineers, carpenters, drapers or milliners while in 2014 health and social care, business administration, management, customer service and children’s care seem to be the popular choices.

There are a lot of online resources available and agencies dealing with apprenticeships and the educational side of it so if you are considering taking on an apprentice or starting the scheme yourself, get in touch with one of them and they will advise you on how to start.

We’ve dealt with TDM Wyre Academy and are really happy to recommend it for our industry.