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What Makes A Good Case Study?

Advice 4 minutes read June 28, 2018

A case study is the perfect way to showcase your work. Not only do you get to show-off the work that you’ve done, you also get to inspire and potentially convince new customers to go with your business as opposed to a competitor. It can be difficult to know where to start with your case study though. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important elements to include in your case study.


It’s essential to include the location of the job. By including your location you can reaffirm that you serve a potential customer’s area. This helps to build trust and also helps your rankings in Google. It’s even possible to include your case studies on area specific pages on your website. For example, if you have a page covering the services you offer in Leicester, you can include only your Leicester case studies on the page.

Before & After Pictures

A brilliant way of showcasing your hard work is through the use of before and after pictures. Not only do you get to show-off the end product of your project, but, you also get to show how much of an improvement you’ve made. The vast majority of potential customers will be visiting your website with the hopes of seeing examples of your work before they get in contact with you.

iPhone Photography

High-Quality Photos

When it comes to taking photos of the job, you should avoid rushing the photo as you don’t want to do all of that hard work just to end up taking a blurry picture at the end of it all. You should take a high-quality photo that accurately conveys just how much work went into your project. If you are taking the photo on your phone and are unsure of how to get the best shot, we found a useful blog with 10 tips on how to take better pictures with your phone.

Duration of The Work

If your project takes a lot of time to complete, you may wish to include the duration it took you and your team to complete the work. This will, therefore, give customers a realistic expectation of how long a similar job may take, should they want this done to their property.

Price of The Work

This isn’t a necessity, especially if you work in an industry that customers may want to negotiate on price, but, including the price of the job may be an incentive for potential customers to get in touch as the project matches their budget. Alternatively, it may be a deterrent for customers, if it is outside of their budget or if one of your clients is offering a similar service at a cheaper rate. Therefore, you need to think hard before deciding whether you wish to include the price or not.

Five Star Review

Customer Feedback

One of the most important things to include in your case study is a customer review. A nicely written review from the customer can really compliment the pictures that go with the case study. Be sure to kindly ask them to leave a review on your Google Reviews page too as this will appear when a potential customer searches for your website on Google.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

You shouldn’t let the fact that you can’t tick every box in this article stop you from putting examples of your work on your site. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to case studies. So, even if all you have is a picture of the work and a description of what was done you should still show this off.


In an ideal world your case study should be more than just a couple of images, the more detail you include, the more beneficial it is to the customer. But we all know that getting the perfect case study isn’t always possible. Ensure that the images you take are high quality and be sure to take before and after pictures. Including the location of the job is beneficial, you should also include details about the job completed. A case study is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise. The best way to then finish up your case study is with a quote or review from your customer.

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