Using Teamviewer QuickSupport

The Cloud

Teamviewer is a remote desktop support application that allows others to temporarily take control of your computer. This can be useful when we set up emails or run email backups for our clients. It’s safe and easy to use.

The Teamviewer QuickSupport app does not require an install and only allows incoming connection to your computer, so ideal when you need to share your screen. If we have arranged to connect to your computer, please find below the links to download the Teamviewer software.

 Download Teamviewer QuickSupport

Please note by clicking the following links you will automatically download the software from the Teamviewer website.

Once downloaded, open the .exe (Windows Users) or .dmg (Mac users) to launch the application. You’ll see an ID and Password. Provide us with these details and we’ll be able to connect to your computer and share your screen.

Teamviewer QuickSupport

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