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Fox County

Fox County are a local motorhome and caravan servicing and rental company, who began their SEO campaign with Success Local in October 2017.


Fox County came to Success Local wanting help to move their business forward and to keep their online presence up to date with the latest practices and updates.


By optimising and focusing the website on Fox County’s target areas, we have seen some fantastic improvements in their rankings and site traffic.

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Success Local have helped move my business forward by expanding online reach and keeping my online presence current, they have let me know whats happening every step of the way.

Fox County

Fox County

On desktop results, Fox County began their campaign with just over half (24/45) of their targeted keywords appearing on the first page of Google’s search results. As of June 2018, Fox County now has 33 of their 45 keywords on the first page, a combined improvement total of 780 positions.

Their mobile results have seen just as great progress with the rankings improving by a combined total of 914 positions.

When we started working on Fox County, we were granted access to their Analytics account. This has allowed us to measure the site traffic before and after we started working on the account.

From October ‘17 to June ‘18 (the time period that Success Local have been looking after the campaign), in comparison to the same time period the previous year, the data shows that the site has seen an increase in new users by 24.18%. Pages per sessions are also up by 8.41% and the average session duration has seen a huge jump, improving by 44.89%.

Not only have we improved their positions within the search results, but we have also helped to keep potential customers on the site for a greater portion of the time. Our user friendly approach to optimising websites allows for a greater conversion of potential customers into actual customers.