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"Overhearing conversations with clients, it's clear that Blake brings some fresh ideas and wants to help push a business further."

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It’s the end of another month!

Looking back over the month and reflecting on our 6 core company values –

Our Core Values

1. Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthy
2. Do What We Say
3. Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help.
4. Open Minded, Curious & Driven to Learn.
5. Committed to Make a Difference for Customers, Business & Yourself
6. Be the Best of You

We are delighted to recognise and celebrate Jaspreet Nijjar as September’s values Successor.

Over the past month Jas has been recognised for his pro-active and enthusiastic approach to new initiatives to attract clients. He’s picked up and driven a new client referral scheme as an opportunity to grow the business and has also embraced the expo event that we have coming up next week. Jas has really shown that he’s championing core values 3 (open-minded, curious and driven to learn), 5 (driven to making a difference to the customer, the business & yourself) and value 6 (be the best you).

Congratulations Jas!

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty & Trustworthiness
Do What We Say – Accountability
Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help
Open Minded, Curious & Driven To Learn
Committed To Making A Difference To The Customer, The Business & Yourself
Be The Best You

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Jas Nijjar

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