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It’s the MVP we’ve run with our updated values!

Thank you all for completing your MVP nominations. It’s great to have completed all of the departmental quarterly planning sessions and aligned each element of the business to a global plan that supports our collective efforts to achieve our vision. We also have a great point of reference for the recruitment we are running at present, to share with our candidates.


Our Core Values
1. Tell The Truth
2. Do What You Say
3. Work As A Team
4. Seek New Ideas
5. Make A Difference


We may have a tweaked set of values, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that the votes have been spread across a number of the team. 5 people received at least one vote for MVP this month, with several others receiving honourable mentions as well. It really has been great to see you all working towards our goals and it’s fantastic to see how many people have been recognised for making a difference and working as a team.


Together, we have already achieved some great things this quarter and I’m really looking forward to a strong finish to the quarter to ensure we set ourselves up well for the rest of the year.


In terms of MVP this month, it really is a difficult one as there really has been some excellent examples of our values being displayed; Harry & Dave bringing onboard a new client type for us to directly contribute to our annual goals, the media team (especially Jon) supporting digital with capacity and many other instances where our values are being lived. However, there was one stand out in terms of how many times they were recognised by their colleagues and that is Andrew.


Andrew regularly lives our values, but in July he’s gone above and beyond to work as a team and make a difference. Firstly by supporting Dean and his colleagues in the media team during Dean’s absences, he’s helped to smooth out any potential disruption and ensure that our clients receive the best experience possible. Andrew has also contributed significantly to the company goals this month by continuing to have the right types of conversations with our clients to see if we can support them better. This resulted in a much needed website upgrade for one of our longest standing clients and some additional hosting customers, whilst also educating some of our customers to the benefits of some of the complimentary services we offer.


Congratulations Andrew on a well deserved MVP award!

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty & Trustworthiness
Do What We Say – Accountability
Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help
Open Minded, Curious & Driven To Learn
Committed To Making A Difference To The Customer, The Business & Yourself
Be The Best You

Our MVP Hall of Fame


July 2022

Dean Sweeney


June 2022

Blake and ruby

Blake & Ruby

May 2022

Andrew Chadwick


April 2022

Jonathan Hall


March 2022


February 2022


January 2022

Ruby Kaur


December 2021

Kiran Patel


November 2021


October 2021

Jas Nijjar


September 2021


August 2021

Blake Timms


July 2021

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