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It’s MVP time!

Thank you all for completing your MVP nominations. It’s been a great month across the business, with our return to the office presenting an opportunity for us to reconnect and enjoy the space that we’ve been working so hard towards. I’m really looking forwards to us making the new office our home and getting some more social events booked in as well.

As always, we’re looking back over the month and reflecting on our 6 core company values –


Our Core Values
1. Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthy
2. Do What We Say
3. Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help.
4. Open Minded, Curious & Driven to Learn.
5. Committed to Make a Difference for Customers, Business & Yourself
6. Be the Best of You


April has largely been spent remotely with very little face to face interaction over the last few weeks. This has made it a bit more challenging to see what our colleagues are up to, but it’s really great to see that there have been strong cases made for a couple of people, in particular, this month. 


This month’s MVP award goes to Andrew who was recognised for a number of values as well as his general approach to work. In particular, Andrew was primarily nominated for exemplifying value 5. Andrew has been really accommodating over the past month to support, sometimes at short notice, with our R&D tax claim, some of the transition to the new office and also producing a document to support the digital team with Page Speed Insights. The number of nominations that Andrew received, and from a range of departments, really demonstrates how he is showing our values in all his interactions.


Whilst Andrew is April’s winner, Ruby deserves a mention for the feedback she’s received from her peers, again across departments. Ruby has recently attended a number of clients meetings, including a new discovery meeting for one of her existing clients with an appetite for additional growth. The feedback from these meetings has been overwhelmingly positive and, whilst working with the support of Dave, has even resulted in the sale of a new website and digital marketing. Again, a great example of value 5 being demonstrated.


Again, congratulations Andrew!

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty & Trustworthiness
Do What We Say – Accountability
Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help
Open Minded, Curious & Driven To Learn
Committed To Making A Difference To The Customer, The Business & Yourself
Be The Best You

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