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"He's gone far beyond what would usually be expected to ensure that our clients have the best experience possible."

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What a month we have had from new employees, customers and lots of exciting planning. It’s even been great to see pubs opening and enjoying the sun with family and friend which has been long overdue.

Looking back over the month and reflecting on our 6 core company values –

Our Core Values

1. Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthy

2. Do What We Say

3. Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help.

4. Open Minded, Curious & Driven to Learn.

5. Committed to Make a Difference for Customers, Business & Yourself

6. Be the Best of You

We are delighted to recognise and celebrate Harry as Junes values Successor. Congratulations!

Harry has been recognised by the team as having gone over and above core value 5 & 6. Thank you for living our values!


Harry has recently put himself forward to take on more responsibility and has taken a really active part in the leadership of the digital team. He has been widely recognised by his colleagues, as can be seen in the quotes below.

“playing a big role in nurturing the new digital team members”

” gone far beyond what would usually be expected to ensure that our clients have the best experience possible, taking time to discuss client issues and concerns and also having the presence of mind to suggest pro-active solutions”

“Helped us settle in, been a great team player – always helpful, friendly and joy to work with.”


It’s also been a delight to read more positive comments about how the wider team are living our values. With a number of new starters, it’s great to see a number of people being recognised for value 3, friendly, kind, selfless and willing to help, amongst others. Some great quotes from this month’s feedback are below.

“introduced the digital team to new clients”

“Gone out of their way to support me and welcome me”

“Always friendly, welcoming and happy to help”

“the way he is with both staff and customers. A delight to work with.”

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty & Trustworthiness
Do What We Say – Accountability
Friendly, Kind, Selfless and Willing to Help
Open Minded, Curious & Driven To Learn
Committed To Making A Difference To The Customer, The Business & Yourself
Be The Best You

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