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Success Local Coronavirus Update

Company Update

*Updated Monday 24th March 2020*

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you with the latest news and practices from Success Local regarding the Coronavirus. While we understand the seriousness of the situation, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to be kind to each other in what is a difficult period for everyone. We’re committed to helping all of our customers and local businesses to come out of this in as strong a position as possible.

A Short & Sweet Overview

We are currently open for business and have no plans of closing during this outbreak. Our regular working hours of 09:00 to 17:00 still apply, with all team members working from home following yesterday’s lockdown. All employees have been given the equipment and programs they require to deliver exceptional digital marketing campaigns and to produce outstanding websites. They have been provided with the necessary phone systems so you can get in touch with them if you need to discuss anything too.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

It means that in terms of delivering the work you require for online success, nothing has changed. You will still have your designated point(s) of contact who you can get in touch with during our regular working hours; whether that’s a phone call or email. At present, we will refrain from organising any meetings for the next three weeks although we are happy to book them in for further down the line. Whilst there is a government-imposed lockdown all meetings during this period will be postponed until there is an appropriate time to reschedule them.

Throughout this difficult time, if any of our customers, suppliers or partners are feeling isolated and would like to call for a catch-up and a chat then please feel free to give us a call; 01455 367 100.

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