King Power Stadium
Competition Terms & Conditions

The Midlands Business Network Competition Terms & Conditions

The competition is open to all individuals who attend The Midlands Business Network Event at the King Power Stadium on Wednesday 6th October 2021. Below are the terms and conditions relating to the competition run by Success Local Limited:

  1. One entry per person can be made although multiple entries from individuals from the same business or place of work are acceptable
  2. The prize is worth up to £2,000 of web design and development work for the participant’s business and is not a cash prize. It must be used towards one set of updates to an existing website, on the basis it is a WordPress website, or towards a new website built by Success Local Limited.
  3. The prize can be donated to a charity of the winning person’s choice but will be for the same value of web design and development work and is not a cash donation.
  4. The winning individual will be contacted no later than Sunday 31st October 2021 to inform them of their prize. This will be done via phone call or email to the details the participant has provided. If Success Local Limited are unable to reach the individual by this date, then the prize will become null and void.
  5. All participants must leave their name, business name, telephone number and email address to have a chance of winning the prize. Any entries found to be missing any of the above details will be voided.
  6. If the web design and development work is worth more than £2,000, the participant’s business or place of work will be expected to pay the difference. This will be discussed before the commencement of work and will require a signed order from the primary decision-maker at the participant’s business or place of work.