Why having a CMS WordPress site can benefit your company

What is WordPress & CMS? WordPress is a free tool used by web designers to create websites and blogs. It was created in 2003 and is constantly being upgraded making it the most popular blogging system in use on the Web today with over 60 million websites currently using it. A big part of WordPress is it’s content management system, or CMS. This allows clients to manage their own content, or in simple terms, edit the text, images, posts or pages on their website without the need of their web designer.

What are the benefits? There are many websites that do not use WordPress, as well as many websites that only have WordPress installed on their blog page. However, many websites are increasingly being built in WordPress with all pages using WordPress. This means your website is better suited to you and your company as it allows you to easily edit the content (Content Management System) on each page yourself without having to ask your web designer to change text or images on your site. This is a common issue with websites when clients ask their web designer to update some text or images on an individual page, this is something that some web design companies may even charge for to complete. However, if you have a CMS WordPress site this is no longer an issue as you have control over the text and images that is displayed on your website.

How it works How this works is simple. You will receive a username and password to log into your WordPress account, then, after you have logged in you will have access to edit the pages yourself. If this seems very confusing and complicated, please do not worry as WordPress is extremely simple to use, and if you do happen to get stuck, just a quick search on Google can go a mile as I previously mentioned Wordpress is very popular so the chances are that many people have asked the same questions you have.

In WordPress, you will have access to every page where you can simply edit the text or images and update your site yourself. It is in a very similar format to Microsoft word, so if you’re a pro on that, you’ll have no problem editing pages. But not to worry, most web designers will provide a free 5 – 10 minute telephone training session to run you through on how to use WordPress and how to make it benefit your company.

Why is this so important for your company? The most important part of a business is to keep all aspects of your business up-to-date and modern. An example of this is a delivery company, you wouldn’t have your drivers driving around in vans that displayed an old company logo on the side. This is exactly the same for your website, as you should keep the content on your website up-to-date to get the most of out of it. This can be improved even more by having a blog installed on your WordPress site to keep customers aware of your latest news.

So, in conclusion, instead of having a website that never changes for years to come, why not improve your companies image and stay ahead of your competitors by having a site that is constantly being updated by yourself.